No matter the size of your organisation or its goals, a healthy, sustainable and productive enterprise relies on practical processes that achieve what you want.

Like a good gardener – he or she doesn’t just throw down a seed and wait three years for fruit. The gardener cleans the ground, fertilises the soil, plants and waters the seed, keeps the weeds clear and grows strong roots for the tree through care and attention… and then the good fruit comes.

Superior Business Analysis was founded in 2012 by Sophie Hansen to help the doers in organisations of all sizes to give their business roots the care and attention needed to thrive. This includes wide-scale process improvement, business needs analysis and planning, and generally getting in place those core processes, systems and tools which are critical to your enterprise’s success. Our approach is based on the Superior Business Analysis Framework, which you can view here.

We did this through providing information resources, tools and services in:

  • Thinking through your processes
  • Scoping your system needs and options
  • Managing change
  • Identifying where there is room for improvement and planning your roadmap
  • Refining and implementing your strategy – from goals through to procedures through to meaningful measures.

We were never just about doing a project and moving on. We were about making sure that changes within an organisation are well thought through in a practical way. We were about helping you join the dots up around your organisation so that the right changes are made and embedded into everyday operations.

We were also about making continuous improvement a reality and not just a buzz word. We strived to empower the doers in organisations to take ownership of their work so that opportunities for improvement can be identified, planned and implemented day in day out. After all, who knows their business best and is in the right place to continue doing things better? It’s the people who work there. So really we have always been about enabling DIY business improvement for doers.

Competing priorities have meant that Superior Business Analysis as a business is no longer, but this website has remained in the hope it may be useful for people who stumble across it in their business improvement journey. To contact Sophie, please connect with her via LinkedIn.