Why we like DIY Business Improvement

We are here because we want to help people – and the organisations they are  part of – to improve what they do. Our expertise and passion is all about helping the people in organisations of all sizes (from 1 up to 1 billion!) to get better outcomes and results.

Like most of you out there, we have been involved in meetings, projects and even strategy launches, which have been based on an incoherent, illogical and inconsistent view of what happens in the organisation. The result has been a constant going around in circles without any improvement, and low staff morale.

It is really hard to make progress when everyone is pulling in opposite directions without a common picture of what is going on! But it is also really hard to face up to this without a decent set of tools for fixing the situation.

In large companies, often the ‘silver bullet’ used by management is to bring in a strategic consultant. In these cases the consultant will often work with the organisation’s managers and leaders to refine the strategy and costs associated with them. And there is a place for this type of approach.

But who is in the best place to understand and improve the actual implementation of the strategy? Who is best placed to continuously improve what they do? It is the people who are charged with carrying out the day to day activities of producing goods and services, paying bills, providing customer service, maintaining systems etc. In short, the ‘doers’ within the organisation.

So, whether you are in a tiny or a large organisation, the ‘doers’ need access to the tools, training and support required to understand and improve their processes.

Whatever the jargon is around it, ‘business analysis’ is all about increasing our understanding of and outcomes from business processes and systems. The founder of Superior Business Analysis, Sophie Hansen, had been working in business, government and NGOs for several years before she met her first ‘business analyst’ (BA) and learnt what ‘business analysis’ skills were. And it was a revelation to realise that the business analysis skillset (including engagement, process analysis, understanding business needs, designing a vision, and setting KPIs) involved so many techniques and tasks that were useful for ANYONE in an organisation to understand.

So Sophie and Superior Business Analysis are here to provide the doers with the tools, training and support to improve their own processes and systems. Sure, for complicated and large processes and changes it may be wise to bring in an experienced BA to help you along – and we can help you with that too. But if you have been charged with improving what you do or running a project within your organisation, our resources are here to get you off to a solid start. Think of it as DIY business analysis for doers… DIY business improvement.

Not sure where to start? Check out How to start your Business improvement journey today.