The Toolset

The Superior Business Analysis toolset is very much a work in progress and will be added to over the coming months. The point of the toolset is to provide you with some practical ways of implementing the Superior Business Analysis approach and framework, no matter what you are trying to manage, and it has a looooong way to go!

This page is broken down into the different elements of the framework and provides some links and, where available, resources for how you can for each element capture the necessary information to the level of detail useful for you and then how to make improvements.

Capturing and Improving your Strategy

Your Mission


Your Goals / Objectives


Your Principles


Your Boundaries / Constraints

Capturing and Improving your Management

Your Policies


Your Rules


Capturing and Improving your Operations

Your Procedures


Your Forms, Templates and other Supporting Information


Your Decision Support Tools


Capturing and Improving your Reporting

Your Performance Metrics


Your Reporting Data


Capturing and Improving your Body of Knowledge

Your Master Lists