The Philosophy

There are four principles which underpin the Superior Business Analysis Approach. These all direct start with the premise of the Approach – that if you are doing something that is important to you and especially to a large group of people, then you should at least think through what you are setting out to do, how you will do it, the steps and tools you would use to do it, and a mechanism for checking that it is all working out. The only way of capturing and organising these thoughts and then being able to consistently recall, apply, tweak or fundamentally reform them is to write them down.

The Philosophy is that a useful framework for capturing essential information that can be used to understand and manage any opportunity or responsibility should fulfil all four of these principles.

  1. Simplicity – Essential management information should be captured in a way that is conceptually simple and able to be understood and navigated by anybody in the organisation.
  2. Universality – Essential management information should be captured in a way that is applicable to an organisation of any subject and scalable to an organisation or organisational unit of any size.
  3. Traceability – Essential management information should be captured in a way that facilitates traceability between the strategy, the management, the operations and any reporting – and the instruments that capture them. This is the only way you can ensure consistency and alignment throughout the organisation and all of its elements.
  4. Adaptability – Essential management information should be captured in a way that encourages ongoing improvements to all aspects of running that business (including its strategy, the management and the operations) and be able to incorporate those improvements. Essential management information should also be captured in a way that is fit for purpose – in great depth for large and complex enterprises or more shallow for small and low risk operations.