Superior Business Analysis seeks to provide the doers in  organisations of all sizes with the tools, training and support to improve what they do and get better results. Our focus is on providing practical and easy to implement advice and tools for DIY business improvement.

We do this through providing tools, training and services in:

The resources that you can find around our site have all been developed or used for Superior Business Analysis. Please note that at times (and in order to support the development of more resources) affiliate links may be used and the hard copy book store is powered by Amazon.

We currently provide you with the following types of resources to add to your own business improvement toolkit:

  • Ebooks – sign up to our mailing list to get our free ebook, The Practical Process Workbook: A step by step guide to writing down your processes. You’ll also keep up to date with announcements about more ebooks in the pipeline.
  • Blog posts – we post approximately once a month on all sorts of topics and ideas relating to DIY business improvement.
  • Quick guides – summary sheets / cheat sheets / primers or whatever you want to call them (!) which summarise key information about a topic.
  • Hard copy books – all of which we have used and highly recommend.
  • Useful links – to other online resources that you may find helpful.
  • Topic overviews – these pages give you an overview of the broad types of initiatives that may be involved in improving your business at any scale, from improving isolated processes through to a broadscale whole-of-organisation effort to get full implementation of an organisation’s strategy.

Much of our tools, training and services are based on or refer to the Superior Business Analysis Framework. This is a model we’ve developed and refined over recent years and we encourage ANYONE to use it. We have developed this Framework to give people a simple idea of what needs to be thought through for an organisation to function effectively, efficiently and sustainably. Here’s a quick guide to it – you can download it as a PDF too.

Our toolkit is growing, so please sign up for our mailing list so we can let you know as more resources become available or visit again sometime soon!