For Supporting Services

Are you expected to provide IT solutions to ‘the business’ without information about what ‘the business’ needs and does?

Do you hold the purse strings, but only receive shaky rationale for what money is needed where?

Are you expected to audit ‘the business’ for legal or other compliance and there is limited documented¬†evidence of processes available?

Or do you want to provide the right staff for the right job, but information about positions is scarce on the ground?

There is one problem that you all have in common: a lack of knowledge about your key customer with limited information forthcoming.

The Superior Business Analysis Approach addresses this problem by providing a standard framework for capturing essential information about all areas of ‘the business’. This framework can be applied to any level of your organisation and to the appropriate level of detail, but enables the capture of core strategy information, business rules and policies, procedures and supporting tools, reporting requirements, and an index to make it all accessible.

The framework can also be used to capture information about the current state of the organisational unit and in the same way be used to document the envisioned future state. This gives a strong basis for defining the outputs and resulting business needs of a change project and the requirements for any solution.

Imagine a world where you were asked to support ‘the business’ and your questions have already been answered in a standard and structured way. Wouldn’t that make your job easier?

In fact, this framework could help you in knowing and better managing you provide your services to the rest of your organisation – and setting an example to the other units of how to capture essential management information.