Exploring practices – an introduction

Hot air balloon

I have written several times in the last nine months that processes are the ultimate form of implementation. To achieve an outcome, there’s no point just imagining or talking about it. You have to find a way of actually making it happen.

In the case of an ongoing program in a mature organisation, this will be through a process or even a procedure (depending how deep into the detail it is worth going).

In the case of a once-off push to realize a quick result or to actually establish a new process in the fabric of a program, this happens through a project.

But to actually undertake these processes or projects you generally cannot magic the right ingredients out of lime jelly. You need to base them on something with a bit more solidity – on techniques, methods and tried and tested practices.

So this is what we’re exploring over the next series of posts – the how, the methods, the techniques, frameworks and general practices that may assist you in applying the Superior Business Analysis model to your organisation.

Until we get started it is hard to know what these posts will look like and how much detail we’ll get into. I imagine that from week to week you’ll see a random set of conceptual tools to help you on your way or at the very least (hopefully) give you food for thought. Pity or – depending on your mindset – envy me who will need to do a lot more reading over the next few months rather than spouting off about whatever comes into my head!

But I thought to set the stage it would be good to get a few more definitions on paper before we get started. I think it’s always good to have a common understanding of what you mean by something, and it’s good for me to clarify exactly what I want to do. It saves confusion later on!

We will be exploring:

Methods – “a procedure or process for attaining an object: as a way, technique, or process of or for doing something”

Techniques – “a body of technical methods (as in a craft or in scientific research)”

Frameworks – “a basic conceptional structure (as of ideas)”

Practices – “the usual way of doing something”

(Thanks to the merriam webster online dictionary for these selected definitions.)

Looking back over those definitions it shows that there will be a real mixed bag of ‘things’ we’ll be looking at. Essentially technical – and not so technical – novel and conventional ways of developing the materials needed to ensure a high level of achievement by an organisation, as well as the conceptual structures that underpin them. Well I’m excited!

So, over the coming months we will be going on a hot air balloon ride of discovery of HOW to apply and tailor the Superior Business Analysis model for an organisation. Welcome aboard!

What do you think?

Are there any particular methods, frameworks or practices that you would like me to explore? And will this be useful to you in your organisation?

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What do you think?